Organic extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany.


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We are currently sold out. We hope for more olive oil after this year’s harvest.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is sourced from a farm in Tuscany surrounded by some of our favorite cycling in the world. We were first attracted to the area for it’s renowned Sangiovese wines but when we tasted the olive oil of Montecucco our minds were blown. In 2007 we began importing this deliciousness to the United States to share with others.

At an elevation of 1,000 ft, tucked between the ancient volcano of Mt. Amiata and the Tuscan coast, the farm is an ideal location for the cultivation of extraordinary extra virgin olive oil.

It is harvested and pressed onsite by ColleMassari SPA and bottled for us in 5-L tins.

Taste notes: a nearly peppery bite resembling freshly mown grass, green tomato, artichoke. Full of polyphenol goodness.

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  • Store your olive oil away from light, air and heat.