Olive oil

Hello friends! All of the staying at home is keeping us busy in the kitchen. We’ve been making fresh salads from the early spring greens here in Colorado, salse verde & aioli for dipping & drizzling, and baking a lot. Our main ingredient for all of these is our organic extra virgin olive oil. The result is always delicious, but we’ve been blasting through our oil stash and we’re not the only ones. Yesterday we officially sold out. Andy saw it coming and has already ordered another pallet from Tuscany to keep us, and all of you, well oiled through the summer. 

We’ll keep orders open so you can pre-order your summer stash. We expect the oil to arrive end of May.

A big thank you for stocking our olive oil in your kitchen. It brings us great joy to share a favorite flavor of ours from Italy. We appreciate your support!

All the best from Boulder, 

Andy and Elaine

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