Looking ahead to 2021

Well, we’ve made the difficult but seemingly sensible decision to cancel all our 2020 tours. Without getting over-emotional about it, let’s just say we’ll all miss Italy this year. 

The next logical step, of course, is to start thinking about the future– next year, a vaccine, Italian countryside, PIZZA, ESPRESSO, GELATO…

So here we are, deep in the planning/rearranging phase, with our tentative 2021 schedule: 

Castagneto Delights (perhaps with a few days on Elba) 2 pigger | May 29 – June 5

Cilento and Basilicata | 3 pigger | June 12 – 20

Classic Italian Mountains | 4 pigger | August 29 – September 7

Cooking & Cycling | 2 pigger | September 11 – 19

Abruzzo & Molise | 3-4 pigger | September 25 – October 4

We say tentative because we are awaiting final confirmations from hotels and it’s possible dates could shift a day or two, but likely this will be it. 

Much of the schedule repeats our 2020 schedule, with the addition of a mountain tour in northern Italy and a springtime return to the southern hills above the Mediterranean sea. We have some exciting new tours in the pipeline that will be pushed to our 2022 schedule so we can properly finish scouting them. We are considering new mountains routes, gravel roads, more quiet corners of Italy, and bordering countries that feature funny letters and delicious wines. Avoiding crowds, seeking lesser traveled sights, and rich cultural experiences will continue to be our inspiration. As always we use our guests’ feedback to design our trips, so your ideas are very welcome. 


If you have travelled with us before in Tuscany, you’ve likely had the delight of meeting our dear friend, Chicca. We’ve been eating and cooking (mostly eating) with Chicca for decades and she is one of the great attractions for our Cooking & Cycling tour, where our guests spend mornings cooking through Italian recipes alongside her. Now, you can learn the ways of an Italian kitchen from the comfort of your own by joining Chicca’s cooking club:

The inaugural season is July through September, featuring online cooking classes, live from Tuscany, along with exclusive life updates, recipes, and videos. Sign up by July 1 to become a Founding Member, and get access to six online classes with Chicca.
Learn more about Chicca’s Cooking Club and become a Founding Member by July 1: http://cookingintuscany.cc/club
This is a great example of how we can still connect over food despite the distance between us, and allows us to actively support a small business.
We cook regularly from Chicca’s recipes which are simple, delicious creations of seasonal ingredients, guaranteed to satisfy your Italian cravings. 

That’s all for now. We hope you are staying safe and staying positive!

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