Hello to all Cinghiale friends, 

Happy June. This week marks Italy’s National holiday of the Republic and they will lift travel restrictions within the country and a selection of EU countries. Meaning everyone can ride in the sunshine! Word on our local streets is the riding is great, the cafes are open, and the coffee aroma lasts longer when a rider puts their mask back on after a good espresso. 

We are watching to see how June pans out for our tour schedule. If we can go ahead with safe tours in Italy this fall we will. We consider part of the tour as travel that begins within the US, (or U.K. for some guests),  where cases in many states are not yet under control. This will play in to our decision for fall tours as well, as the safety of our crew in Italy is a top priority with your safety. 

So stay safe at home friends. If travel does not look safe then we will reschedule our trips for next year. 

Enough about the future, what I am excited about this month is June 5th! I know our Cinghiale clients are fed up with me telling stories about the Gavia stage of the ’88 Giro d’Italia from that day. June is a great month to ride wherever you are. June 5th is also when our olive oil should arrive in Denver. And the release date of a new season of Queer Eye on Netflix! 

I hope everyone reading this is healthy and safe, we very much looking forward to riding and being with you soon. 

Reports from Stephen Hampsten at Hampsten Cycles are that bikes sales are brisk, and many Hampsten owners are calling about tires and parts for maintenance. Keep up the riding folks!

James Pan, on our 2018 Giro trip, made this wonderful video of the Gavia. There is footage of the race, and us riding at a reasonable pace. 


Watching footage from my days of racing reminds me of how much fun it was.

I am reminded of my favorite American cyclist who was the greatest of all time. Major Taylor. He won it all when cycling was America’s most popular sport in the early 1900s. He cycled while being black, in a period when racers didn’t have teammates to help them, and had to contend with racists on and off the bike. Such a winner has never been seen again in any cyclist. His story and career are of great inspiration to me. 

So please, give a thought to peaceful protesters making their voices heard to fight injustices today. Let’s do what we can to make this world safe and fair for every one, regardless of the color of their skin. 

-Andy Hampsten

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  1. Thank you andy. It’s 2020 and racism has no place,not for reasonable people anyway. I’m a solo rider,did italy last year,did lots of “hills” but for me the gavia is something else. So awe inspiring,so epic,in 2019 i did it as part of my plan to do the stelvio,gavia and mortirolo in one ride.it didnt disappoint, it was raining and snowing on the gavia and i went through really cold water to the way to bonetta.when i look at the vid from 88 I’m amazed that everone made it considering the ice on the road to bormio.perhaps i”ll be able to do onevof your tours,the manager at alleghe sportshotel had nothing but praise and i was just looking at the famous poster. Let’s hope 2021 will be a better place.

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