Andy Hampsten

Your Fearless Leader

About Andy

In 1997, following his retirement from professional cycling, Andy Hampsten knew there was nothing he’d rather do than share his passion for the best riding, food and wine he discovered while racing in Italy. He founded Cinghiale Cycling Tours hoping to lure fun-loving cyclists and food enthusiasts from around the world to have a taste of the Italian experience. With over two decades of living, cycling, and sharing meals in a quiet corner of Tuscany, Cinghiale Cycling Tours has a following of loyal addicts who can’t get enough of Italy, and who appreciate the intimate experience of the country offered by Andy and his crew. As a company we’ve explored some of the most exceptional and unknown areas of Italy, looking for unique and authentic experiences to share with our guests. As a family, Andy and his wife Elaine, are rooted in the local life, spending part of the year in Tuscany.